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Current Job Openings

We are on the look-out for quality people to be considered for a spot on our team.  If you want to be considered for a GUIDE or Lodge position, fill out the appropriate application and email a copy of your resume.
EMAIL COMPLETED APPLICATIONS to the emails listed in the form.  

 We consider hiring for each of the following positions or combinations of positions listed below. 

Read position summaries and lodge overview below.  Lodge Info & Position Summaries         

Lodge / General Positions

Assistant Chef  (Kitchen Prep and Baker)

Lodge Outside/Inside Staff (construction)

Lodge Groundsman

Hospitality Staff – Maid/Servers (kid friendly)

Assistant Chef        



Guide / Pilot Positions

River Guide Fishing and/or Alaska Registered Hunting Guide

Registered Hunting Guide

Packer  (Hunting Guide Apprentice) 

Trapping Guide


Stonewood Lodge Overview and Position Summaries

Alaska’s Stonewood Lodge

Stonewood Lodge is a first class Sport Fishing & Hunting Lodge. We are located on the shores of Lake Clark and within Lake Clark National Park and Preserve.  The area is well known for some of the best in sporting adventure.  This lake drains into Iliamna Lake, the largest lake in Alaska.  We are completely isolated, being180 miles from any road system.  Our best access is by float or wheel plane. 

Our Team

Our employees enjoy a wilderness experience like no other.  They get to be in the heart of one of the most beautiful places in Alaska and see firsthand all it has to offer.  Activities could include wildlife viewing, kayaking/canoeing, boating, photography, fishing, hiking, flying out in bush planes, viewing bears of Katmai National Park or just simply taking in the great outdoors of Alaska.  There is also personal time write letters/postcards home and to read some of the great books in the lodge library.  All of our employees play an important part in a great team of professionals who make Stonewood Lodge a premiere destination.

The Daily Operation of the Lodge

Stonewood Lodge is completely remote and self sufficient by generating our own electricity and having our own water and septic systems.  We also maintain a bit of equipment from airplanes, boats, engines, 4 wheelers, generators, landscaping equipment, and numerous other appliances.  Our employees also help keep the lodge grounds and garden maintained.  We keep a quite a stock of supplies and spare parts, from everything such as food stockrooms, maintenance items, cleaning supplies, and assorted fix-it materials.  We run float and wheel planes, maintaining our own fuel supply as well as propane tanks for camps and lodge use.  Our employees operate and help maintain all of these facilities and equipment to assure our guests are completely satisfied.  We accommodate up to 14 guests per week and each guest stays 1 – 7 days, depending on their trip.  We generally have a changeover day for fishermen such as Friday or Sunday.  

During our lodge season, we employ a team of 5 – 8 professionals who work together to provide our clients with an unforgettable experience.  If you are highly interested in a dependable position with an incredible Alaska Fishing and Hunting Lodge and are a hard worker with good people skills/personality,  we would enjoy speaking with you.  There are many Fishing and Hunting Jobs in Alaska, but none will afford you the opportunity that we can provide.  Since many of our employees return each year, not all positions are available but we are always interested in a few above average, friendly, and skilled people.  Many of our guests return year after year because of the customer satisfaction our employees provide.  Fill out an application to see if you can be a part of our team for the next season.  

Team Positions

Hospitality Staff – Maid/Servers

This position includes cleaning guest rooms, the lodge, laundry, serving guest meals, and kitchen help (as needed). The day may start as early as 6:00 am with breakfast serving and cleanup from 6:30am to 7:30am.  After the aircraft have flown the guests out the mid-morning room and lodge cleanup and laundry starts.  The work day will be split and you will have free time during the afternoon and your exact schedule will be assigned at the lodge.  Evenings will be dinner serving and cleanup.  The work week is 7 days and around 10 hours per day- some days will be lighter duties than others.  This is a weekly paid position and require someone who is friendly, cheerful, a self riser, cordial, well groomed, kid-friendly, and a non-smoker.  These positions can be full season jobs, from June 1st to October 1st, or may range from as little as 2 months.

Assistant Chef 

This is a split shift position. The Assistant Chef assists in all breakfast and dinner cooking and prep.  The Assistant Chef is in charge of all shore lunch and sack lunch prep – sandwiches, grilling supplies, soups, sides, and fresh baked cookies.  This position requires experience in baking breads and pastries, making desserts, soups, cooking/grilling, and a general know how on cooking.  The Assistant Chef will primarily be assisting the Head Chef but there will be meals where Assistant Chef is in charge following a meal plan.   The assistant Chef is under the direct supervision of our Head Chef.  Time off will be in the afternoon and the exact schedule will be assigned at the lodge.  Days may start at 5:30 am and around 10 hours per day- some days may be lighter than others.  This is a weekly paid position and requires someone who is friendly, a self-riser, and possesses a general cooking/baking knowledge and organizational skills.    


This is a split shift position. This is the 2nd Chef assistant. The position mainly consists of assisting the Head Chef in food preparation, breakfast service, dinner service, baking breads/pastries, desserts, kitchen and dish cleaning.  Taking inventory and re-stocking shelves and supplies is also part of your duties along with unloading and putting away all food orders that come in.  This position requires someone with good cleaning skills, general cooking/baking skills, and the ability to carry boxes of groceries.  Time off will be in the afternoon and the exact schedule will be assigned at the lodge.  Days may start at 6:00 am and around 10 hours per day- some days may be lighter than others.  This is a weekly paid position and requires someone who is friendly, a self-riser, and possesses general cooking/baking and cleaning skills.  

Lodge Outside Staff – Maintenance Man/Groundsman

This is a job that requires a person to have a general knowledge on a wide variety of things- a “Jack of all trades” if you will.  The duties our lodge maintenance man performs are associated with all phases of our lodge operation.  Any repairs or maintenance needed on equipment, buildings, lodge interior, groundswork, can be expected as well as anything that it may take to keep the self-supporting lodge functioning.  This position requires that you possess a general sense on a lot of duties you will perform.  You may start the day painting a building, fix a squeaky door, change out propane tanks, weed eat, upkeep on the kayaks and canoes, and finish by helping the mechanic fix an airplane or a generator.  Our maintenance and grounds staff are the key to a trouble free and smooth operating lodge.  Days will begin after breakfast and are a 10 hour work day.  This position requires someone who has experience in a variety of areas and general mechanical sense.  

Lodge Outside/Inside Staff –

General seasonal Construction work to include ground up.  Skills sought after are framing, plumbing, tile setter, trim/finishing and someone knowledgeable on log work.  Projects can be in various parts of the state and not always lodge based.  This position requires someone with construction skills or skilled in specific areas.    

Hunting Guide  

Dall Sheep, Moose, Caribou, Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Peninsula Brown Bear, Wolf, :  These are the species we guide for you need to have an Alaska Assistant license to apply for this. 

Registered/Master Guide -Guiding and working into a Management position overseeing a camp.   

Packer/Apprentice Guide

A busy guy and a wide variety of work with a variety from the above position to out in the field learning about Alaska Hunting.

Trapping Guide

December 27th – March 5th Prior Alaskan experience is a must plus experience with wolf snaring.  Having a Super Cub is also handy but not completely necessary as we can also fly you where you need to go.  We have most all the gear, equipment and snow machines short of you being well equipped with your personal gear and bags of tricks.  

River Guide 

Stonewood Lodge hires the best professional guides in the business and pay a premium for experienced, seasoned guides.  We do have some positions open for beginning guides/trainees who are hard working, teachable, and friendly and most importantly maintain a positive attitude.  Our guides must be able to act in a professional manner at all times, provide assistance to other Guides (if needed), Pilots, and Clients and communicate well with our guests.  You must have a coast guard 6-Pack license or Remote Waters of Western Alaska license, or be able and have the qualifications to obtain either license.  Our guides accompany 2 to 3 guests each day, flying out in our float planes or boating from the lodge to a different river each day and must be able to guide a variety of fisherman in age and skill level.  Guides must be an expert in fly fishing and possess fishing knowledge for a variety of species.  This is a 7 day a week job with a duty time of 10 to 12 hours a day.  We do offer a day off once each 10 days.  Our experienced river Guides must also have jet boat experience.  We use 20 foot covered Harbor Crafts with 115 horsepower E-techs and 18 foot Jon boats, 18 foot Scott Boats, canoes, and rafts.


Your primary job is bush flying and taking care of a Cessna 206 or Super Cub.  If you have knowledge on guiding fishermen, running jet boats on rivers or A&P mechanic, we can discuss a premium added to your base pilots salary.  The only job training we are willing to do is show you how we want the job done. To qualify you must guide clients in addition to the pilots job.


Our lodge mechanic performs all the repairs, maintenance and service on all equipment, electrical generators, 4 wheelers, boat motors, lodge equipment and airplanes. This position requires mechanical knowledge and/or training or experience.  You must be able to diagnose and fix a problem to keep all needed equipment in operation.  Most of the time our mechanic is working alone and days will begin after breakfast.  Work week is 6 days a week and 10 hours a day.  This is a key position and requires a person with good mechanical skills who can keep our lodge fine tuned with everything operating at peak performance.  

Other Details

– While at Stonewood Lodge all of your food and and housing will be provided.  All employees are housed in private or shared rooms or cabins.  Accommodations are classic and meals are more than delicious.  Most importantly, you are surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of Lake Clark National Park.  

– Our season starts around May 1st and ends around October 25th of odd years and October 15th of even years.  We use the first week of June as orientation and training for our main summer season.  Some positions would start the first of May and others in June.    

– Stonewood Lodge is a non-smoking and drug free lodge.  We prefer non-smokers and tobacco users.  Our employees must present themselves in a professional manner at all times which includes hygiene, dress, language, and communication skills.   

– If you’re interested in joining our team at Stonewood Lodge, send us your resume.  Send an email or use our application, which should include all personal information, work history, and which position you are applying for.  Include any other information you may deem important or beneficial for us to see.  

Staff Applications

Guide Application 

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Lodge Application

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